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Meet Our New Students: LLM in Business Law

September 28, 2021

Christine Briggs

Our 2021 intake of students comes to us from diverse professional backgrounds – from lawyers to senior project managers to corporate directors. Geographically, our students are spread out across Canada (though there are a few from outside of Canada as well!). This year, the Admissions Committee was extremely impressed by the applications to the Part-time Professional LLM in Business Law program, and we’re excited to introduce you to two students from the incoming class.  

Introducing a Selection of Incoming Students  

Shakil Alam, MBA, PMP 
Project Manager, Metro Green LP

Shakil Alam has over a decade of experience in business strategy, business development, and project management across varied industries. He’s managed several strategic initiatives within the regulated aerospace and supply chain industry. His interest in the LLM in Business Law stemmed from a desire to develop a deeper understanding of the laws and regulations that impact regulated industries. 

E. Javier Ibanez, MEd 
Director of Business Development – Eastern Canada, Wawanesa Insurance

E. Javier Ibanez has more than a decade of experience as a senior business leader in the insurance industry. He is passionate about business transformation and building high-performing sales teams. To that end, he completed a graduate degree in Adult Education in 2013, where his research focused on analyzing how organizations create, share, and leverage knowledge. For Javier, lifelong learning is a core value, as it is the “pure joy of learning” that leads him to continuously seek out new opportunities for education and professional development.  

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