Program Chair(s)

Esther Hong

Nadeem Siddiq

Senior Legal Counsel, Scotiabank

Valued at trillions of dollars, derivative trading underpins the global economy.

If you work in the financial industry, your knowledge must be comprehensive and up-to-date.

Learn about the key principles and documentation requirements, including emerging trends for today’s complex and dynamic derivatives market. Designed to provide you with the complete picture, this innovative program is offered in two back-to-back modules, which you can take together or separately.

The global derivatives market is vast and infinitely complex, and the number of corporations, financial institutions, and asset managers turning to these financial instruments to better manage risk and increase returns continues to grow. Valued at trillions of dollars, derivative trading underpins the global economy, yet most people have a vague understanding of the mechanics of how these products and the underpinning laws and regulations work.

This OsgoodePD program is a unique opportunity to acquire skills and understanding in the key elements of these critical financial contracts, while also delving into latest new developments in this complex and evolving field.

What you’ll learn

Strengthen your hold on the key principles, best practices, and documentation requirements necessary to confidently address the issues that arise in navigating the derivatives market and its rules and regulations.   Choose to register for one or both days.  Highlights include:

Fundamentals of Derivatives

Practical and comprehensive overview of derivatives: what they are, how they are structured, and how they are used

Understanding the application of derivatives in trading, hedging and arbitrage

The central counterparty clearing system and how it operates

Trade reporting, and margin requirements

ISDA Master Agreements: understanding key documents; related practical and legal issues including documentation strategies

Derivatives: Advanced Issues, Regulatory Updates and New Developments

Important updates in over-the-counter (OTC) regulatory reform and implementation

Essential update on the taxation of derivatives and crucial considerations

Discussing and analyzing key new developments in cryptocurrency- and ESG-based derivative products

Focused, practical discussion on the new security-based swaps (SBS) provisions coming into force under the Dodd-Frank Act in November 2021

Who Should Attend

Derivatives traders

Derivatives documentation staff

Securities lawyers

School trustees

In-House counsel at financial institutions, insurance companies, oil and gas companies, mutual fund companies, pension funds

Lawyers practicing in banking and finance, mutual funds, commercial law

Fund managers, private bankers and investment advisors

Compliance professionals

Heads of trading

Structured finance personnel

Financial regulators

Corporate/Commercial lawyers


Program Chairs

Esther Hong

Nadeem Siddiq

Senior Legal Counsel, Scotiabank


 View the program brochure and agenda to see what you’ll learn from leading experts.

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Recorded: Mar 3, 2022

$1,295 + Tax

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CPD and Accreditation

OsgoodePD is an accredited provider with the LSO, the Law Society of BC and NY CLE Board. Select your location to view the eligible hours you may claim.

CPD Hours
Contact us for inquiries about other provinces.
Day One: Fundamentals of DerivativesLSO (ON): 6h 50m CPD (6h 15m Substantive; 35m Professionalism)
Day Two: Derivatives: Advanced Issues, Regulatory Updates and New DevelopmentsLSO (ON): 6h 15m CPD (6h Substantive; 15m Professionalism)
Total Substantive12h 15m
Total Professionalism50m
Total CPD13h 5m

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