How do I become licensed to practice in Canada?

NCA Accreditation Process – Visit the NCA website.

In order to qualify for bar admission programs in Canadian common law jurisdictions, the NCA assesses the qualifications of all internationally trained legal graduates, whether they are Canadian citizens who have earned their legal education abroad, newcomers to Canada with an overseas legal education, or people thinking of immigrating to Canada.

Apply For NCA Assessment

Get Assessed

The NCA will assess you and tell you what you need to qualify for Canadian bar admissions

Complete Requirements

Complete the requirements the NCA outlined in your assessment. You may need to complete some additional studies, have certain language requirements, and/or complete the NCA exam (which we have prep courses for).

OsgoodePD offers some of the studies you might need.

Get NCA Certificate Of Qualification

Once you have completed your requirements, you can request the NCA to review in order to gain a certificate to apply to the bar.

Apply To The Bar

Apply to the Law Society bar for a Canadian common law province or territory

British Columbia   Alberta   Saskatchewan   Manitoba   Ontario   New Brunswick   Nova Scotia   Prince Edward Island   Newfoundland and Labrador   Yukon   Northwest Territories   Nunavut

Are you an internationally trained lawyer and want more information on what your options are? Click here.