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The Differences Between the LLMs in Business Law, Financial Law and Securities Law

March 13, 2020

Andrea Chau

I want to advance in the financial industry — which LLM specialization will get me there?

OsgoodePD is home to over 15 unique LLM specializations. Though they are all distinct, you many be interested in more than one specialization and want more information about which would be the best fit for you. We hope this helps.

What do these specializations have in common?

The LLMs in Financial Law, Securities Law and Business Law have the same core degree requirements, and are all part-time specializations offered at OsgoodePD. They are scheduled in similar ways (a combination of intensive, hybrid and weekly course formats).

LLM classroom

All three specializations have students from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds, but most are lawyers, executives and experienced professionals in their respective fields. The specializations are all taught by a seasoned faculty of Canadian and international subject matter experts.

What distinguishes these specializations from one another?

The three specializations cover different areas of law and tackle different contemporary legal issues.

The Securities Law LLM is primarily concerned with securities regulation in Canada. The courses are intended to provide students with a strong understanding of the current impact that market globalization and technology have had on the securities industry, as well as the opportunity to tackle those issues via research papers and dynamic class discussions.

As a cohort program, the Securities Law LLM typically accepts new students every two or three years.

Our Business Law LLM mainly focuses on the regulation of Canadian businesses. The program gives students a thorough understanding of Canadian corporate law and regulation, while also offering a broad array of courses covering topics like construction law and competition law.

As one of our programs with the highest demand, the Business Law LLM typically has two intakes per year, accepting new students into the program in January for the winter semester and September for the fall semester.

Our new Financial Law LLM relates specifically to the banking and financial services law sector, as well as bankruptcy and insolvency law. Like our Business Law LLM, this program has a broad array of courses which cover many different topics under the umbrella of financial services law.


Next steps

If you are still unsure about which specialization might be right for you, feel free to contact us here