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“Network!” “Network!” “Network!” “You’re not alone.” – Key insights from OITLD21!

November 18, 2021

Elisa Romano

Our 7th annual Osgoode’s Internationally Trained Lawyers Day (OITLD) was a huge success with our largest turnout to date. Members from all over the world, of all different legal backgrounds, came together on May 27 to interact with experienced members of the Canadian legal community to discuss and learn more about the opportunities available to internationally trained lawyers.

We had the pleasure of connecting with some ITLs to hear about their experience attending the event and the key learnings they’ll continue to remember on their journey to practicing law in Canada.

Why did you decide to attend OITLD 2021?

“I attended OITLD 2021 because to me, the event avails the most diverse, comprehensive, and all-inclusive platform for internationally trained lawyers in Canada to meet with friends, instructors, classmates, and colleagues that are more experienced and particularly, willing to share their wealth of experience, connections and social credit in ensuring that we get the best from what the legal community has to offer.” – Godspower Abamba, Student/Lawyer, Nigeria

“I considered it an opportunity to connect with experienced individuals with the information necessary to enable me successfully navigate my path as an internationally trained lawyer in a new terrain.” – Olaoluwa Duntoye, Corporate and Commercial Lawyer, Nigeria

“I wanted to obtain information about the NCA Assessment Process, Articling and the Lawyer Licensing Process for the Law Society of Ontario.” – Mark Angelo Dolo, Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer, Office of the Ombudsman, Philippines

What did you enjoy the most about the event?

“I think everything was very well executed and quite brilliantly put down. I loved how many questions could be asked without any judgement.” – Shivani Nair, Law Student, India

“The speakers were well-prepared, and they were mindful of the salient points worth emphasizing in their respective topics.” – Mark Angelo Dolo, Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer, Office of the Ombudsman, Philippines

What was your biggest takeaway?

“That I am not alone. There are a lot of lawyers, associations who are willing to help NCA Candidates who are diligent and serious the process.” – Ananta Aditya Chilakapati

“The importance of networking, patience, perseverance and taking care of our mental health were some of the few suggestions I intend to always keep in mind.” – Palak Mahajan, Litigator, Advocate, Supreme Court of India

“Getting to know the options after completing my LLM and how many routes and opportunities I have to qualify as a lawyer” – Shivani Nair, Law Student, India

“Networking is most important. Becoming a licensed lawyer is a lengthy process, perseverance is important. “ – Sucheta Dikshit, Lawyer, India

“Navigating through the Licensing Process is a challenging feat for internationally trained lawyers. It is daunting, to say the least. However, with the vast network and support system that OsgoodePD offers, the confidence to succeed in this endeavor is within reach.” – Mark Angelo Dolo, Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer, Office of the Ombudsman, Philippines

Would you recommend attending OITLD to internationally trained lawyers?

“Absolutely! It’s an insightful event and helped me understand multiple things. It was also an amazing networking event and I could connect with people.” – Shivani Nair, Law Student, India

“Definitely. I intend to attend it each year myself and have already recommended it to every Internationally Trained Lawyer I have come in touch with.” – Palak Mahajan, Advocate at Supreme Court of India

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