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Meeting the Needs of the Construction Industry and Its Advisors

April 18, 2022

Victoria Watkins

The construction industry in Canada grows more dynamic and complicated every day. Both provincial and federal governments are funding large infrastructure projects while at the same time promoting rapid expansion of residential housing. Judging by the construction cranes dotting the skylines of urban areas, privately funded construction is booming. New technological innovations such as pre-fabrication and approaches to project management, as well as green building initiatives and mandates were changing the face of the industry even before the pandemic. Pandemic-related supply chain issues and volatile prices have added uncertainty and complexity to the mix – a perfect storm for legal disputes.

As construction has grown more complex, so too has construction law – a mix of legislation, contract law, and dispute resolution. To meet the various needs of those working in, or advising, the construction or infrastructure development industry, OsgoodePD, together with dozens of expert instructors drawn from industry and the legal profession, has developed a number of unique and popular offerings.

The Professional LLM in Energy and Infrastructure Law includes courses on Construction Law and Municipal Planning and Infrastructure, with plans to expand offerings to include courses on dispute resolution, remedies, procurement, and more. This is a two year part-time graduate program scheduled with working professionals in mind, for those who want to pursue developing specialized expertise in these in-demand areas.

More compact and very popular offerings include the five module intensive Osgoode Certificate in Construction Law and the Osgoode Certificate in Contract Management for Construction and Infrastructure Projects. Day long short courses cover developments in legislation and its practical application such as Ontario’s Construction Act, complex legal issues such as construction liens, and delay and impact claims, as well as specialized courses including legal risk management for design professionals. All of OsgoodePD’s offerings cover not only the law but its implications, as well as strategic and practical insights into how others are managing these issues. They are all currently offered online and will continue to be offered online after the pandemic recedes. Many of the shorter offerings are offered on-demand, and in-house and customized training for groups is also available.

If you work in this area and would like to build your expertise and credentials or have some pressing issues for which you need an update, we invite you to explore our Construction Law offerings. (And as always, if you have a suggestion for something new, we’re grateful to receive it.) With more depth and breadth in this area than any other legal education provider in the country, there’s a good chance you will find what you’re looking for.