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Meeting the Needs of Our Healthcare Industry

March 15, 2022

Victoria Watkins

The COVID pandemic has reinforced both the critical importance and vulnerability of our healthcare system. There are hundreds of thousands of Canadians in the healthcare workforce, and Canadian healthcare is tightly woven with legal requirements, restrictions, risks and responsibilities. To meet the needs of those working, or advising, in the healthcare industry, OsgoodePD has multiple offerings ranging from 1-day short courses and annual conferences, to 5-day certificates, to a 2-year part-time Professional LL.M. in Health Law.

Short-courses or certificates are a great option if you who need practical in-depth knowledge in a targeted area. Short courses include Fertility Law, Virtual Care: Risk Management, Mental Health Law for Children and Youth, and Privacy in Health Annual Symposium. Osgoode Certificates in the area include Privacy Law in Healthcare, Health Law, Consent and Capacity, Mental Health Law, Professional Discipline and Regulation in Healthcare and Clinical Risk Management. For those who are interested in healthcare law and policy, with domestic and comparative perspectives, consider the Professional Master of Laws in Health Law, first offered in 2003. Each cohort of 25 to 30 students is comprised of lawyers looking to specialize, and senior healthcare executives and policy makers building their legal knowledge. Courses include Bioethics and the Law; Comparative Health Law; Human Rights, Globalization & Health Law; and Malpractice in Healthcare. Some courses in the Health Law LL.M. are available to be taken as single courses outside of a degree program. All of OsgoodePD’s Health Law offerings have a remote attendance option.

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