About Rajeev Vijan

The Rajeev Vijan Memorial Prize was established in 2022 with the support of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association. Rajeev Vijan, LLB, LLM (1978-2021) was a member of Osgoode Professional Development’s inaugural class in the Canadian Common Law specialization of the Professional LLM, beginning his studies in the fall of 2013. Before law school, Raj spent well over a decade as a court clerk, making many professional and personal connections in the criminal justice system. He then realized a long-held dream to become a criminal defence lawyer in 2018.

As a court clerk, a law student, and a lawyer, Raj consistently approached his life and work with enthusiasm, determination, and perhaps most importantly, a characteristic warmth and interest in meeting and helping others. His excitement to practice law and his positive spirit, both during his studies and in his professional life, were unfailing.

This prize recognizes one Professional LLM student for their commitment to the criminal defence field. Applicants must submit a one-page statement summarizing their experience related to criminal law and their commitment to future work related to criminal defence. Award recipients will be chosen based on their experience and academic record.

The legal community, and in particular the criminal defence bar, has lost an important member with Raj’s death.  He had so much more to contribute to the legal profession.  By establishing an award in his honour, OsgoodePD aims to inspire future students at OsgoodePD to embody Raj’s wonderful personal and professional qualities and keep his memory alive.